The JSRR's 20th Anniversary Symposium

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The Latest Frontiers of Root Research in Asia


Date: November 6th (Sun.), 2011

Venue: Yayoi Auditorium, 
The University of Tokyo,
Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Sponsored by Japanese Society for Root Research

What's new

Book of Abstracts (Root Research Vol. 20, No. 5, 2011)
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Dress code: informal and casual wears are welcome.

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Moderator: Prof. Akira Yamauchi (Nagoya University, Japan)

09:30–11:45 Morning session

09:30–09:45 Opening remarks
Shigenori Morita (The University of Tokyo, Japan; Founder of JSRR)

09:45 Dr. Jun Abe (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Keynote lecture: The necessity of root research in Asia *

10:25 Prof. Yowhan Son (Korea University, Korea)
Invited lecture: Root biomass and respiration for Korean forests *

11:05 Dr. Xiaojing Liu (Chinese Academy of Science, China)
Invited lecture: Adapting mechanism of cotton roots to saline soil *

12:00–13:50 Lunch and Poster session

12:30–13:10 Poster session core time A
13:10–13:50 Poster session core time B

14:00–17:00 Afternoon session

14:00 Dr. Xiyin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Science, China)
Invited lecture: Water and nutrient management in crop rootzone profile for efficient water use *

14:40 Dr. Amelia Henry (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines)
Invited lecture: Root traits associated with major drought yield QTLs *

15:20 Prof. Anan Polthanee (Khon Kaen University, Thailand)
Invited lecture: Agricultural problems by waterlogging in Northeast Thailand *

16:00 Commentator's commentary
Dr. Roel Suralta  (Philippine Rice Research Institutite, Philippines)

16:15 Comments from Moderator
Prof. Akira Yamauchi (Nagoya University, Japan)

16:30–16:45 Closing remarks
Prof. Jiro Tatsumi (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan; President of JSRR)

* The titles of the invited lectures are tentative.

Onsite registration: November 5 (Sat.)-6(Sun), 2011.
Symposium mixer: November 5 (Sat.), 2011; 17:30–20:00.

Domestic meeting and anniversary celebration ceremony will be held on November 5, 2011. 

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