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Report of the 6th ISRR Symposium (Nagoya, Japan; November, 2001)


Books in root research area
Books edited by JSRR Other books

Books edited by JSRR
Proceedings of the 6th ISRR Symposium (Short-paper version)

Proceedings of the 6th Symposium of the International Society of Root Research November 11-15, 2001; Nagoya, Japan.

Published by Japanese Society for Root Research (JSRR), Nagoya, Japan.
600 pages - including 277 short papers.
Date of issue: November 11, 2001.
ISBN 4-931358-07-1
(Root Research (Ne-no-Kenkyu) Vol. 10, Extra issue No. 1. ISSN 0919-2182)
Printed in Japan.
Copyright: All rights of the papers in this book are reserved to the individual authors, and all rights of other parts to the Japanese Society for Root Research.

For the contents, please see the programme of this symposium.

How to purchase

From abroad (including a copy of the proceedings, postage (=ship), handling charge) : 4,000 yen

Please contact to the secretariat of the 6th ISRR Symposium (e-mail: isrr6symp@jsrr.jp) for more details.


cover (50kB)

paper (90kB)

Root: the dynamic interface between plant and the Earth

Edited by Jun Abe
Hardcover: 472 pages
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN 1-4020-1579-8
Price: EUR 165.00 / USD 181.00
Published in Novemeber 2003

Table of contents (PDF file, 80kB)
Cover (JPEG file, 30kB)

This book includes the 40 papers reprinted from the special issue of Plant and Soil and 5 additional papers, which were presented in the 6th ISRR Symposium.

You can purchase this book from book dealers, Internet book shops, and Kluwer's web site.

For the JSRR members and the symposium perticipants from Japan
JSRR can share around 100 bulkcopies at cost. Please see the JSRRweb for the details, or contact to isrr6symp@jsrr.jp . The order should be closed when the stock of the bulkcopies runs out.
For the symposium perticipants from abroad
An announcement for discounted pre-order was distributed by e-mail to the symposium perticipants and the pre-order was closed in the end of October, 2003. If you missed the announcement (and if you are a perticipant of the 6th ISRR symposium or a author of this book), please immideately contact to isrr6symp@jsrr.jp . The JSRR may be able to share a copy at cost (around 80EUR including the cost for delivery etc.), if the JSRR still has a stock.

Plant and Soil Vol. 255 No.1 (2003, August issue I)

Published in October, 2003

The 40 selected full papers presented in the 6th ISRR Symposium appear in this special issue.

You can see the table of contents and the abstracts in the web-site of Plant and Soil.
Click "Journal Contents" in the left menu of Plant and Soil web-site.

Cover photos with caption (JPEG file, 40kB) offered by Prof. Alexander Lux

Other books in root research area
Root methods

Springer published a new handbook for root research titled "Root Methods" in June 2000. This book was edited by European scientists, Dr. A.L. Smit et al., to standardize methods of root research. (JSRR is not concerned to this project.)

Root Methods A Handbook
2000. XIV, 587 pp. 108 figs., 4 in color, 39 tabs.
ISBN 3-540-66728-8
DM 198,-(Recommended List Price)

For more information, please access to http://www.springer.de/cgi-bin/search_book.pl?isbn=3-540-66728-8 in Springer web-site.

Contents of this book (PDF file): You need Adobe Acrobat ReaderTM to browse this file. This file is redistributed with permission of Springer.

JSRR is not concerned to the sales of this handbook. If you wish to purchase this book, please contact to Springer or a book dealer (or, maybe amazon.com) by yourself.